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Braunstone Town Council

Serving Braunstone Town (including Thorpe Astley)

Public footpath through the estate

Clerk: Mr Darren Tilley
Braunstone Civic Centre, Kingsway, Braunstone Town, Leicester, LE3 2PP

Tel: 0116 289 0045

Thorpe Astley - Braunstone Town

Thorpe Astley

The new Thorpe Astley residential development falls within the boundaries of Braunstone Town. The Development’s name derives from the Astley family, who were landowners in the area between 1334 and 1404. Many of the road names have been taken from historical people, documents and field names.

Planning consent was granted for this development by Blaby District Council in 1994.

Thorpe Astley Community Centre

Town Councillors are continuing to work with the Thorpe Astley Partnership and help provide this much needed Community Centre.

At a meeting with Braunstone Town Councillors on 9th October 1995, representatives from the Consortium of House Builders confirmed their offer to transfer a half acre site, for a community centre, to Braunstone Town Council, without charge.

The Town Council hoped that the new community centre would become an important focal point for the new development and provide a wide range of facilities that would compliment the existing services available throughout Braunstone Town.

The views of the new Thorpe Astley residents needed to be fully considered so as to ensure that any future building would be used to its full potential. With this in mind, a comprehensive Community Appraisal was undertaken in December 1999 by Braunstone Town Council with the help of a group of local residents. Over 500 residents of all ages completed the questionnaire and the following needs were identified:-

1. Doctors Surgery / Health Centre (93%)
2. Library (52.1%)
3. Playgroup (38.9%)
4. Indoor Sports / Badminton, etc (51%)
5. Place of Worship (11.5%)
6. Meeting/Function Room (30.3%)
7. Facilities for evening classes (40%)
8. Other (10.9%)

The following sporting needs were identified:-

1. Football Pitch (76%)
2. Rugby Pitch (29.9%)
3. Cricket Pitch (32.1%)
4. Tennis Court (66.9%)
5. Basketball (32.8%)
6. Other (13%)

In August 2005, Blaby District Council granted planning consent for an additional 165 dwellings. An agreement 3 Developers and the District Council made provision for the £1.5m worth of local facilities listed below:-

 Land for the construction of a community centre and primary healthcare facility / doctors surgery
 £750,000 to cover the capital costs of constructing and equipping the community centre
 A financial contribution towards the cost of the medical facilities based on the number of residential units
 An education contribution to allow expansion of local secondary schools based on the number of residential units
 The provision of approximately 7.1 hectares of formal public open space, to include specific equipped facilities such as football pitches and tennis courts
 Payment to fund the maintenance of these open spaces for the next 20 years.

Thorpe Astley Community Centre Building